Fule Mahi (Fule 111)

 Purpose For Seed Production
 Maturity Days 112-115 days
 Release Year 2022
 Release Institute Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited
 Yield (quintal/acre) 8-12 quintal/acre
 Test Weight (gram) (1000 seeds   weight)
 Seed Rate (kg/acre)
 Spacing (Inches)
 Reaction to major diseases and  pests Highly resistant to foliar and fungal diseases and less prone to aphid pest
 Morphological Characters
Grain : Very dark green color and round shape, Plant height : 2 to 3 feet, Stem : Thick like fennel plant and No. of Flowering: Two
 Special Characters Due to round grain and dark green colour better market price will be get


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