GG 39 (Sorath Uttam) (ICGV 16697)

 Type Bunch (Spanish/Valencia)
 Maturity Days 113 days
 Release Year 2023
 Release Institute ICRISAT, Hyderabad and Main Oilseeds Research Station, JAU, Junagadh
 Pod Yield   (quintal/acre)
 Oil Percentage (%)
 Shelling Percentage   (%)
 Suitable Season Kharif
 Test Weight (gram)   (100   seeds weight)
 Seed Rate (kg/acre) 75 kg/acre
 Spacing (Inches) 12-20 inches
 Reaction to major   diseases and pests Stem rot disease was lower, while leaf spot, rust, and collar rot diseases were on par when compared to the check varieties.
 Special Characters High oleic acid content


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