Karan Vaishnavi (DBW 303)

 Maturity Days 156 days
 Release Year 2022
 Release Institute ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal
 Yield (quintal/acre) 32 quintal/acre
 Test Weight (gram)
 Seed Rate (kg/acre)
 Spacing (inches)
 Reaction to major diseases   and pests Extremely high resistance to black, brown and yellow rust. It is also resistant to wheat blast and most other foliar diseases.
 Morphological   Characters
 Special Characters
DBW 303 recorded good chapati-making score (7.9) along with high protein content (12.1%), high wet and dry gluten (34.9 and 11.3%), good bread quality (6.4/10) and high sedimentation value (64.8) thus suitable for multiple end products.


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